LuxTurrim5G Impact Day, 28.5.2019, 09:00-17:00

LuxTurrim5G is a Nokia Bell Labs driven ecosystem project developing and demonstrating fast 5G network based on smart light poles with integrated antennas, base stations, sensors, screens and other devices. This joint project opens new digital services and business opportunities for a real smart city.

LuxTurrim5G Impact Day, 28.5.2019 - Preliminary agenda:

  • 08:30 Registration and coffee

  • 09:00 Opening of the event & LuxTurrim5G landscape

  • 10:00 LuxTurrim5G result highlights and main project achievements

    • Smart City business models and Value networks

    • 5G Smart City panel discussion (Nokia, Teleste, Sitowise, Vaisala, Premix, Lammin Ikkunat)

    • LuxTurrim5G Smart Light Pole Concept

    • Demo pitching

  • 12:00 Lunch

  • 12:45 Demo session

  • 14:00 Invited speakers

  • 15:00 What’s next in LuxTurrim5G

  • 15:30 Demo Session

  • 17:00 End of the day

Wide range of 5G Smart City demos + Invited speakers (to be announced later)