LuxTurrim5G is a Nokia Bell Labs driven ecosystem project developing and demonstrating fast 5G network based on smart light poles with integrated antennas, base stations, sensors, screens and other devices. This joint project opens new digital services and business opportunities for a real smart city.

Key Challenges

  • Smart cities need digital service infrastructure to improve safety, energy efficiency, air quality, effectivity of transportation and quality of living

  • However, the capacity of mobile networks will be far too insufficient due to the increased number of users and new digital services built and planned

  • The problem can only be solved by using small cell 5G radio frequency technology & higher frequencies; this requires dense networks of antennas setting new requirements for the network infrastructure

Project Goals and Results

  • Develop & pilot key technical solutions and concept for smart light pole based 5G infrastructure, and business & service innovations

  • Create an open access ecosystem for digital services

  • Pilot services on navigation, information sharing & advertisement, weather monitoring and smart lighting

Key Project Characteristics

  • Highly multi-disciplinary joint R&D project developing composite and antenna materials, smart light pole design, miniaturized 5G base stations and integrated sensors

  • The project creates novel digital services, business models and ecosystem

  • 2.5 year project started 2017 including 11 companies and 3 research institutes, with project volume of 15 M€ from Business Finland and the companies

The project is funded by the partners and Business Finland.