Current LuxTurrim5G projects, partners and their roles

LuxTurrim5G is supported by Business Finland (part of Connected Intelligent Industries programme)



Nokia Bell Labs: project lead, 5G radio technology & networks -, Contact person: Pekka Wainio

Premix: specific materials for antenna radomes -, Contact person: Tuomas Kiikka

Teleste: city safety and information services -, Contact person: Jani Väre

Vaisala: environmental & weather related services -, Contact person: Timo Honkanen

Indagon: positioning technologies & services -, Contact person: Matti Lankinen

Ensto: luminaires, electric vehicle charging -, Contact person: Atte Mäittälä

Rumble Tools: Drones, drone docking station & services -, Contact person: Tuomas Hallikas

Orbis: cabling, connections, integration -, Contact person: Jani Linna-Aro

Tehomet: pole design & manufacturing -, Contact person: Sami Huuskonen

Destia: street lighting, infrastructure -, Contact person: Keijo Hietanen

Spinverse: project & ecosystem coordination -, Contact person: Markku Heino


Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT): radio technology, positioning, connectivity platform development -, Contact person: Jussi Varis

Aalto University: radio technology, thermal/energy management -, Contact person: Katsuyuki Haneda

Tampere University: materials & mechanics development -, Contact person: Mikko Kanerva

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Past projects

LuxTurrim5G (2017-2019), Project partners and their roles:


Nokia Bell Labs: 5G radio technology & test network; Exel Composites: light pole mechanics & composites; Premix: specific materials for antenna radomes; Sitowise: 3D modelling & practical city planning; Teleste: low maintenance displays & CCTV cameras for security & infotainment; Vaisala: air quality and weather sensors & monitoring; Indagon: Location services, autonomous mobility; Lammin Ikkuna: Windows, RF signal propagation through building materials; Ensto: Lighting and charging; Rumble Tools: Drones; Spinverse: project preparation & management


Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT): 5G RF technology, navigation, business and service opportunities; Aalto University: thermal management, business opportunities, 5G radio signal measurements; Tampere University: light pole design & materials, 5G signal penetration to buildings