The pilot for self-driving shuttle bus GACHA begins

The pilot program for Sensible4’s self-driving shuttle bus GACHA has begun in Kera, Espoo 10.9.2019. Sensible4’s goal is to establish a permanent self-driving program, that utilizes the latest mobile technology – one of the first in the world.

The pilot is part of LuxTurrim5G ecosystem and is done in a collaboration between Sensible 4, Nokia and the City of Espoo. The pilot will take place on Nokia’s campus where GACHA will be using Nokia’s latest 5G technology. Autonomous traffic requires fast mobile network connections due to the large amount of data. For piloting, the Nokia campus hosts fast and short delay 5G network, which is an important prerequisite for self-driving vehicles and future traffic.

The pilot also supports Espoo's goal of having a robotic bus in permanent traffic by 2021. “It is important to jointly develop new solutions that support sustainable growth and also act as new products and services to other regions and countries, ”says Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo. The Nokia campus in Kera enables the use of the latest network technology. “A 5G city network will be built in the Kera area where new smart city solutions will be developed and piloted. Kera will become a world-class circular economy development area where new technologies and services can be easily deployed and then utilized elsewhere”, says Pasi Laitala, Director of Sustainable Development.

Sensible 4's unique positioning technology enables robotic buses to be driven all year round also in Finland’s weather conditions. Weather plays a key role in the ability of autonomous vehicles to understand their surroundings. Until now, the rain, fog or snow has prevented all self-driving cars from working. Technology developed by Sensible 4 - based on long research in the changing weather conditions of Finland - has solved this problem.

The bus pilot is open for everyone and free of charge. It will operate between the Nokia Campus and Kera railway station from Tuesday to Thursday 10-14 during the weeks 37 and 39.

Press release (in Finnish)

Gacha at Nokia Campus 10.9.2019. The smart bus stop by Teleste is part of the 1.5 km long LuxTurrim5G test route.

Gacha at Nokia Campus 10.9.2019. The smart bus stop by Teleste is part of the 1.5 km long LuxTurrim5G test route.