Look to the future smart city through the 5G Signal Window by Lammin Windows

Visit the booth of Lammin Windows at the FinnBuild 2018 event during October 10-12, and learn how their new 5G ready Signal Window enables outdoor/indoor connectivity of the emerging 5G telecom networks. You can also take part in the Lammin Smart City Challenge and open your own window to the future.

FinnBuild, the International Building and Building Services Fair, October 10-12, is the major event for the construction industry in Finland bringing together all key players in the field to discuss and exhibit latest advances. This year’s key words are internationalization, digitalization and co-creation. Lammin Windows as an active SME company is actually implementing these aspects well in the LuxTurrim5G project.

In LuxTurrim5G project Lammin Windows has been actively studying the propagation of radio signals through different building materials with research partners from Aalto University and Tampere University of Technology. This pioneer work helps to develop novel windows and other building materials fulfilling the needs of both thermal insulation (U-value) and connectivity (low signal losses).

Venue: Messukeskus (Fair Center), Helsinki
Hall 3, booth 3B31

Contact person: Marko Mökkönen, Lammin Ikkuna Oy

Lammin Signal Window®

Lammin Signal Window®