Intensive cooperation in LuxTurrim5G consortium meeting at Teleste, Turku

LuxTurrim5G consortium organized 6th intensive project workshop day at Teleste in Turku 22.8.2018. The event gathered together over 40 experts from the project organisations to discuss and share new ideas regarding the wide range of technical developments being made and business opportunities for smart city.

This time the workshop consisted of two main sessions. The morning session was opened by CEO of Teleste, Jukka Rinnevaara highlighting Teleste’s business and focus areas for smart city followed by two invited external stakeholders. First Jussi Vira, Director of City Strategy and Smart and Wise Turku, described the needs and plans of Turku on smart city development, and then Riku Päärni, Service Center and Development Director from Lounea brought the views of a regional telecom operator in South-West Finland. These presentations raised lively discussions on the needs of smart cities and on what will be the role and opportunities for small operators regarding 5G.

In the project internal afternoon and evening sessions, the consortium partners focused the discussions on the next versions of the smart 5G light pole concept and brainstorming on concrete business cases and opportunities for smart cities.

The second version of our pole concept will be coming out during the early Autumn and the third version is already under planning. Juha Salmelin, Director of LuxTurrim5G consortium, Nokia, explains that the cooperation between partners continues to be very active and the project is progressing well. It is interesting to see, that new research ideas arise all the time during the joint work benefitting all partners. And, though this is a dynamic research project companies are getting closer to have commercial outcomes from the project.